ancient egyptian costume Did ancient Egyptian slaves really wear these bracelets?

In movies, it seems that every time the story takes place in Egypt old, and slaves are involved, the slaves always wear these armbands or metal bracelets. In addition, the Halloween costumes of all Egyptian slaves are the same kind of bracelets / armbands. The ancient Egyptians who really? If yes, why? Presumably, it was something for involuntary slave. Was it for identification purposes? And if they do not really, how did this stereotype to begin? Please not to speculate on your answer. Only answer if you really know the story or something relevant to my question. Thank you.

All Ancient Egyptians of every class wore bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, [generally beetle type] … The rich and royal, the During wearing of gold, silver and precious stones in their jewelry, but ordinary Egyptians also wore jewelry made from a material less expensive … Most of the "slaves" you see in the movies are pure fiction …. Many officials were, of course, and used by royalty rich and noble and wealthy "merchants and business people … They were a bit like your 'home' today … paid for their services … but generally in material goods, such as food, clothing and jewelry or other products …. and in most cases, the employee and his family were housed, fed, clothed, etc. .. As a servant in a royal or noble house was considered an honor in most of the "serve" families and has also inherited a position, for the most …. There was a class of workers who worked in various businesses and farms, but they were not considered "slaves" … '[' Slaves were generally enemy soldiers, or non-combatants caught in a battle or war or criminals …. … They usually work in different types of mines in Egypt, or other duties of servitude …. non-combatants were generally "Egyptianized relatively quickly, even if they were" domestic slaves, "they are generally free to go and go when they were allowed … they constitute a small percentage of the "servants" in an Egyptian family] … "Slaves, not as entirely without rights who were often in other slave owners corporations, have been relatively few, and one wonders whether they should be regarded as a different social class. "Everybody in Egypt wore some type of jewelry. Rings and amulets were especially likely to ward off evil and injury. Men and women wore pierced earrings, armlets, bracelets and anklets. The rich wore jewelry beads or necklaces, called wesekh, necklaces and pendants. For the rich, jewelry was made of gold, silver or electrum (gold mixed with silver) and inlaid with semiprecious stones turquoise, lapis lazuli (a deep blue stone), and carnelian (copper or reddish orange stone). People wore jewelry poorest has been made copper or faience (made by heating powdered quartz). "

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